Fiesta Calendar

Fiesta Calendar

Red – National HolidaysAll shops and banks will be closed, some rare exceptions

Black – Regional and local holidays, some places will be closed.

January 1st New Year's day
January 5th  Los Reyes Magos – the three kings bring gifts
January 6th Epiphany
January 16th & 17th  San Antonio Abad – blessing of the animals
January 22nd – 24th  Fiesta San Sebastian
February 28th Baixada – descent of the treasured image of Jesus Nazareno
March 19th Dia de San Jose
March 24th Jueves Santo (Maundy Thursday)
March 25th Viernes Santo (Good Friday)
March 28th Lunes Pascua (Easter Monday)
April 4th Dia de San Vicente Ferrer
April 9th Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday)
April 14th Dia del San Francisco
April 16th El Dia del Señor (Easter Sunday)
April 23rd – May 3rd Fiestas en honor de Jesus Nazareno – bull running, flower crosses
May 1st Dia del Trabajador (May Day)
May 3rd Dia de la cruces (Flower crosses)
June 11th – 24th Fogueres de Sant Joan (Midsummer celebration to honour John the Baptist)
June 24th Dia de Sant Joan
June 30th – 2nd International Festival
July 16th Fiesta Virgen del Carmen
July 16th – 25th Moors and Christians
August 2nd Fiesta Mare de Deu del Angeles
August 13th – 14th Fiesta Portixol
August 15th Asuncion de la Virgen
August 27th – 8th Fiesta Mare de Deu del Loreto
September 8th Dia de Mare Deu de Loreto
September 11th Fiesta Virgen del Popul
October 9th Dia de la Comunidad Valenciana
October 12th Dia de la Hispanidad
November 1st Dia Todos Santos (All Saints Day)
December 6th Dia de la Constitucion Española 
December 8th Dia de la Imaculada Concepcion
December 13th Fiesta Santa Llucia
December 25th Navidad (Christmas)


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