Long Term Rental Contracts Retraction

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Mon, Jan 28th, 2019

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Long Term Rental Contracts Retraction

On 22 January 2019, the Spanish Congress cancelled the Real Decreto Ley 21/2018 that came into effect on 19 December and also changed certain legal aspects on the lease contracts. 

• Any contract that has been signed between 19 December and 22 January will remain unaffected by this modification and will maintain its conditions, so tenants will not have to sign again any updated rental contracts with the following measures.
• The minimum rental term is established again as 3 years. Instead of the 5 (for individuals) and 7 years (for companies) that the Real Decreto Ley 21/2018 established.
• The conditions of forced extensions to the landlord will now return to 3 years (individual or company) and the tacit extensions will be back to 1 year maximum and not 3.

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