Rent To Buy Spain

Rent To Buy Spain

Sunset Real Estate Agency SL also have another brand that specialises in selling properties that are available with a lease-purchase option, commonly known as a rent to buy – Rent To Buy Spain.

This part of the business has been operating for over 6 years and during this time we have helped many sellers and buyers using this approach.

We have had first-hand experience of rent to buy options both from a buyer's and seller's perspective. We offer a one-stop shop to take you through the Rent to Buy process. We have a team of independent experts able to deal with the Legal and Financial aspects of creating and funding the rent to buy contract/option and seeing it through to completion.

Benefits of Rent to Buy

Rent to buy contracts have numerous advantages for both the Renter/Buyer and the Landlord/Seller. The main benefit for the Renter/Buyer is that they are not wasting money on rent; the rent they pay comes off the agreed option to purchase price. The main benefit to the Landlord/Seller is that they will receive immediate revenue from their property with a sale within an agreed term.

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Our Services

We offer a dedicated Rent to Buy service with all the support that you would from our core business such as valuation, listing, photography, marketing, and advertising. If we do not currently have a property to meet your requirements, then we offer a property finders service for clients that are ready to buy and move immediately.

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We have a section on our Rent To Buy Spain website consisting of commonly asked questions however we are also here to support you personally. There are lots of myths regarding rent to buy contracts, our website gives you the facts of how this approach can be used to buy or sell a home in Spain. We are also available in person to answer any questions you may have.

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Should I consider a rent to buy option?

A rent to buy contract may be suitable if you are looking to sell your property and do not require all of the capital immediately. It can be used by vendors as a route to market to promote their property for sale alongside a traditional sale. If the property is not the vendors main residence, then this route to market is a viable option that will bring in immediate revenue and a sale within the agreed time period.

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