Sunset Accreditations and Associations

Sunset Accreditations and Associations

Valencian Government registered estate agent

Valencian Goverment Registration

Since October 2023 Estate Agents operating withing the Valencian Community need to be registered by the Valencian Government to ensure that they are legal.

The requirements for registration as a Real Estate agent in the Valencian Community are -

A – Location requirements

Any person acting as a real estate agent in the Valencian Community must have an establishment open to the public unless the services are provided exclusively at a distance by electronic or telematic means. Sunset Real Estate Agency SL have a physical office on the main Marques de Campo Street in central Denia.

B – Professional qualification requirements

Individuals acting as estate agents in the Valencian Community must provide proof of professional qualification to carry out the activity.

There are three ways of accrediting qualification:

  1. To own the official title of Real Estate Agent. If applicable, accredit membership of the corresponding Official Association of Real Estate Agents (API) or accredit not being a member. Sunset Real Estate Agency SL are members of the API.
  2. Hold a university degree in Social and Legal Sciences, Engineering or Architecture. This training must be certified, where appropriate, with the corresponding university degree.
  3. Holders of certificates of attendance and completion of academic training courses of at least 200 teaching hours in real estate matters related to mediation, consultancy, and service management. Both Directors of Sunset Real Estate Agency SL have completed this training and have certificates to prove their competence.

C – Solvency requirements

  1. Take out a bank guarantee, this is to protect the money that clients have paid to the estate agent. The minimum guarantee or surety insurance for each agent shall be 60,000 euros per establishment open to the public and per year of coverage.
  2. Take out professional civil liability insurance or any other financial guarantee that covers, throughout the territory of the European Union, the liabilities that may arise due to professional negligence. The minimum civil liability insurance for each agent will be 600,000 euros per claim and a year of insurance with a sub-limit of 150,000 euros per victim.
  3. Both of the above are covered by Sunset Real Estate Agency SL being members of the API.

API (Asociación Profesional Inmobiliarios)

API Logo

The API are the professional body for Real Estate agents in Spain, only legal, reputable, and honest estate agents can join the association.

The association is built of 3 pillars –

Leadership -

To be leaders, businesses must start at the beginning: a high ethical and professional standard. This means assuring consumers that when they work with a Professional API, they are in the best hands. That is why our members commitment to the code of ethics and good conduct is so important to us. We make sure that the media and society know about it and that the institutions take us into account.

Innovation -

We understand that it is difficult to keep up with all the new developments in the market. For this reason, we are always on the alert to anticipate new trends in the real estate sector and keep members permanently updated so they in turn can inform their clients. But what we are most concerned about is bringing the tools and services that allow members to innovate their business by creating real added value, obtaining greater performance and improving customer satisfaction.

Transformation -

You've probably already noticed: in the real estate market, nothing is what it used to be. Not only do regulations change at breakneck speed, so do the requirements potential customers. And there's no turning back. We accompany real estate businesses in their transformation, both technological and business, because customers will benefit from the improvements and the real estate market depends on it.

Our registration number is - RAICV2383

The list of estate agents who are API members can be found here -


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Costa Blanca Business Association

Costa Blanca Business Association Logo

The CBBA (Costa Blanca Business Association) is a business networking and referrals organisation set up approximately 17 years ago.
It is a legally formed association based on quality rather than quantity, it has become a trusted and established source of businesses supplying a wide range of goods and services to people living on the Costa Blanca.
All of their members are ‘vetted’ to ensure they’re ‘in the system’ and paying taxes and are fully legal. In short, a CBBA member is trustworthy professional that can relied on.
Sunset Real Estate Agency SL are the only business within the CBBA that represent property sales and we are proud to have been members of the association for over 3 years. One of our Directors has recently taken the role of ‘Membership Secretary’ of the association to show our commitment to the CBBA and to ensure that only quality businesses join.

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